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What We Do

We offer a structured protocol and nutritional counseling to meet your individual weight loss needs using ITG products, grassfed and whey products, incorporating one on one counseling, education and accountability.


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How We Do It


As coaches, our primary responsibility is to teach you the science behind weight loss. The knowledge we impart on you gives you the power to change your life and equips you to maintain these changes.


We utilize individualized, one-on-one weekly meetings to support you in making our programs work for your life.


With the right knowledge and support you will no longer feel completely overwhelmed by the challenge of weight loss. You will be empowered to look at eating and lifestyle choices critically and thereby change your life.
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  • Buffy genuinely wants us to succeed. She has a strong background in nutrition and is great at explaining complex concepts. Her encouragement and her knowledge have helped me lose weight and keep it off…all in a balanced and healthful way!

  • For anyone that is over 50 and Post menopausal like me with 10 lbs that pack on it seems like with every decade this is the diet for you!!! Dawn with Supernatural Wellness is fantastic explains the program and really is there for your every question. I found the regiment to be super easy for me to follow, the food is very good, I was never hungry or never left feeling light headed. I will say that every time I went to weigh in it amazed me how my fat % went down and muscle remained the same. I lost inches exactly where I wanted as if I had had them surgically removed!

    Today I am 32 lbs lighter with my body back from my 20’s I love the way my clothes fit and Dawn tells me my metabolic age reduced by 20 years. I love this diet and will remain on the supplements as my vitamins and drink the shakes for years to come beyond that I am able to eat pretty much what want but and so much more disciplined in my choices based on my experience with Dawn and Supernatural Wellness!!! Go see Dawn – you will love the new you!!!