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Our aim is to improve the quality of your health by providing resources for impacting the quality of your life.

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What We Do

Our team focuses on educating, engaging and motivating our clients through their individual journeys to wellness. Our tools include a rapid weight loss protocol and nutritional advising as well as the highest quality dietary supplements and durable medical equipment.

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Why We Do It

Our motivation to inform and guide others stems from our education,  personal experiences, and beliefs that each individual can transform their life from the inside out.

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Dedicated to Health and Wellness

Who We Are

My inspiration for building MDwellness began after playing my first season of football as a nine year old.  At that young age,  I decided  I needed to gain strength to play the sport that I loved.   I realized that my actions could impact my body so I started lifting weights in my garage (as a physician, I do not recommend this for 9 year olds). This passion fueled my desire for knowledge of the human body. 
Fast forward nine years and in high school, I sold a protein shake created by Dr. Cade, developer of Gatorade, to my fellow athletes.  I was drawn to this product because it was supported by research from the University of Florida. 
Fast forward another nine years and I’m in my first year of medical school with a baby. My focus shifted from athletics to health and wellness as my wife and I educated ourselves on the prolific number of pesticides found in the apple juice we were feeding our daughter.
Fast forward another 18 years, I not only have a family that I’m invested in, but a medical practice where I meet patients everyday who are in medical crisis impacting both their pain and overall health.  In addition to medical care, some of my patients allow me to guide them toward a healthier life.  It is the creation of MDwellness that provides the products, services and education affording me the opportunity to fulfill this endeavor. I know this is my purposeful path I started on many years ago.  I am grateful each day for the opportunity to pursue this passion.
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