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Obesity is America’s number one pressing medical crisis. Two out of three of us are overweight, and the resultant medical issues include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, uncontrollable cholesterol, and the ‘western cancers.’ As a physician, I refuse to sit idly by and watch this crisis unfold as it tears apart the lives of countless people. To continue practicing medicine while ignoring the root of so many medical problems is nothing short of irresponsible. I am dedicated to helping people daily through my medical practice and now on a global level through my wellness company. Please consider the possibility of improving your health through the services of MD Wellness for yourself, your family, and your future, one step at a time.


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  • What role can nature play in managing back pain? It’s a question that went through my mind for years and is generally the go-to for many solutions in my life. As I told my pain management doctor, I wanted to steer clear of surgery, nerve blocks and drugs. There had to be another route to take as an adjunct to PT. The answer has been within my physiology the whole time! He told me about this weight management program with many health benefits. In talking with my counselor, Dawn, I learned that our endocrine system holds a way to communicate with our bodies via food choices which regulates fat production. I have also experienced, first hand, the anti-inflammatory effect of including some foods and cutting out others. Who knew? I wondered, at first, if this lifestyle change would work for me with all of my sensitivities. I’m here to tell you it has, and all without gluten, soy or other chemicals. Once I made the connection between pain and being overweight, I could align with a commitment to making a change. Losing weight around my midsection has been a key component in not only managing the pain in my back, but this particular program has the added benefit of helping to kick a sugar addiction. Additionally, with Supernatural Wellness, I have the lifetime support that is necessary to have achieved these results and continue making healthy food choices, for which I am forever grateful.

  • On my routine checkup, the blood work results were not pleasant. My doctor told me, you are pre-diabetic, you have to do something about this, and it is now. He recommended Supernatural Weight Loss. Angel, my coach, is really an angel. Her enthusiasm and knowledge, helped me follow the program and it has completely changed my life.
    I have lost 33 lbs. to date and I am wearing size 8! I don’t remember the last time I wore this size, maybe when I was in my teens. My body composition has changed dramatically, my energy level is better than ever. Best of all, I never felt hungry. I learned how to eat and what to eat to maintain my health.
    Supernatural Weight Loss was the answer to my pre-diabetic condition. I completed the protocol and my numbers are normal!!!

  • For anyone that is over 50 and Post menopausal like me with 10 lbs that pack on it seems like with every decade this is the diet for you!!! Dawn with Supernatural Wellness is fantastic explains the program and really is there for your every question. I found the regiment to be super easy for me to follow, the food is very good, I was never hungry or never left feeling light headed. I will say that every time I went to weigh in it amazed me how my fat % went down and muscle remained the same. I lost inches exactly where I wanted as if I had had them surgically removed!

    Today I am 32 lbs lighter with my body back from my 20’s I love the way my clothes fit and Dawn tells me my metabolic age reduced by 20 years. I love this diet and will remain on the supplements as my vitamins and drink the shakes for years to come beyond that I am able to eat pretty much what want but and so much more disciplined in my choices based on my experience with Dawn and Supernatural Wellness!!! Go see Dawn – you will love the new you!!!

  • The Supernatural Weight Loss program WORKS! When you eat the food, follow the instructions of your coach (Buffy is mine), YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT! I eat all day and I lose weight. I love the program, coach, and the food! Try it….you will like it! The results are proven!


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